Testing methods

Pipette measurement

Our expertise/experience makes the unit particularly suited to respiratory study. However, the unit is very flexible and can be adapted to suit most medical requirements.

We have a number of key methods used regularly in trials, including:

Cough Challenges

Cough reflex in individuals is measured using a highly sensitive and reproducible method. This involves stimulation of cough using a series of citric acid concentrations. The technology is suitable for use with healthy individuals and those suffering from chronic cough. We are aiming to establish a Gold Standard for cough methodology via a NHS Research and Development grant.


Our accredited staff can perform SVC, FEV1, FVC , reversibility testing and body plethysmography.

Sputum induction / processing / differential counts

The staff have been fully trained at Glenfield to perform sputum induction through to differential counts.

Nitric oxide

Nasal and tidal NO measures can be performed.


The staff are experienced in taking ECG measurements in-house.


Our staff are fully trained in phlebotomy.

Skin prick tests

The Unit follows current guidelines and perform allergen and food skin prick tests.

6 minute walk test

The unit follows current ATS guidelines on performing 6 minute walk tests

Shuttle Walk

The unit follows current guidelines and perform Shuttle walk tests