A Jaeger

The unit has a comprehensive set of equipment including:

KOKO spirometer

Can be used to accurately determine static and dynamic lung volumes, including tidal spirometry (VT, VCin, VCex, ERV etc.) flow-volume (FVC, FEV1, MEF50 etc.) and maximum voluntary ventilation (MVV).

The unit also has a Mefar Dosimeter, used in conjunction with the KoKO spirometer for bronchial challenge testing with agents such as methacholine and adenosine monophosphate. This system generates PC20.

Electrocardiogram: Cardiette Daedalus 346 system

Capable of recording cardiac electrical activity and calculating ECG parameters such as T wave amplitude, QT interval, beat rate etc.

Automatic digital blood pressure monitors: Cardio Kinetics

A quick and efficient method of accurately recording blood pressure and heart rate with a print facility.

Pulse Oximeter: Nellcor Puritan Bennett

A simple, fast and non invasive method of monitoring percentage of haemoglobin which is saturated with oxygen.

Nitric Oxide Analyser: NIOX mino

Capable of accurately measuring both nasal and exhaled nitric oxide levels as an indicator of airway inflammation.

Dosimeter MB3: Mefar

This breath activated dosimeter allows accurate, controllable nebuliser discharge which is utilised for cough reflex sensitivity testing and bronchial challenges.


The Unit has refrigeration (40°C) and freezer facilities (-20°/-80°C) for storage of biological samples. Pharmacy and drug supplies can additionally be stored within the Unit’s secure medication cupboard. Limited on and off site archiving facilities are available on request.


The department has an array of nebulisers from the standard Pari boy for bronchodilator administration, to ultrasonic, such as Omron NE 07
for sputum induction.

Zeiss Microscope

We have a microscope to allow differential counting of sputum slides.